Trailer & Synopsis

"My Brother is Deaf" is an award-winning short documentary about a hearing family discovering that one of their young children - two year old Bennett - is deaf. Narrated by Bennett's older brother Lincoln and including videos of the family's experiences, this film explores how the family adjusts, learns, and grows to support Bennett. More than 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and these parents often find themselves with little to no idea of what to expect or how best to help their child. This film follows Bennett and his family who wants to give him every opportunity they can. They realize that they have to change - and change their expectations - in order to better serve him and help him to serve others. The film follows the family's journey as they learn about deafness, cochlear implants, and sign language -- and then have to navigate all these different options and approaches as they try their best to help little Bennett. This is a heartwarming film that shows the challenges Bennett and his family face - but also how much they all grow through the experience. The film has garnered significant praise and attention and has played at major film festivals around the world, including Slamdance, the Lyons International Film Festival, and Festival REGARD in Quebec, Canada.

Genre: Short Documentary
Runtime: 10 minutes
Format: HD Video
Release Date: 2022
Topics: Deafness, Disability, Family, Children, Cochlear Implants, American Sign Language